While Blackfish the movie is seriously questioning the industry of captivity in the US and globally, while Congressmen in California are reviewing a law aiming at banning the captivity of orcas and while more and more scientists are blaming dolphins’ confinement, claiming it’s unethical, we have just learned that a new TV show is planning to make celebrities become trainers!

What is « Dolphins With the Stars »?

« Dolphins With the Stars » is a new entertainment TV program, introduced to the industry leaders during the last MIPTV, in April 2014 in Cannes. Here is how La Competencia, the production firm that created the concept, introduces it:

For the first time on your TV screen, we put together the most admired celebrities and the most beloved animals with the aim of offering the TV event of the year: Dolphins With the Stars. Throughout two months, celebrities and dolphins will work together and learn how to do striking performances in the water. Dance, emotion, spectacle… Finally, on TV, talent is more than human. (See source)

In other words, we will give celebrities the opportunity to become dolphin trainers in order to perform a show, which only goal is obviously to move the housewives to tears, overwhelmed with the beauty of human-dolphin complicity and the intensity of the show …

15 european countries have highlighted an option

The French magazine, Toute la télé, informs us that « the concept

[of Dolphins With the Stars] has been one of the most wanted during the latest TV program international market since about fifteen countries have highlighted an option for this show including France, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Poland”.

La Competencia

The issue is too serious not to act right now and let the people concerned know that we are strongly opposed to this ridiculous concept. While marine mammals’ captivity is always more criticized, it is crucial to show that we are always more to oppose to the confinement and exploitation of dolphins.

Swimming with dolphins has always been a dream for many of us and the industry knows. Everywhere in the world, thousands of tourists make contact every year with dolphins savagely captured, confined in pools or in closed lagoons. The dolphins are constantly manipulated, several times a day. They are trained to drag visitors with their dorsal fins, to give them kisses or to be climbed over. But sometimes, this hell of a life makes them crack and attacks happen.

By selling this kind of show, La Competencia is not only supporting the captivity industry but it also make people want to swim with dolphins and thus, boost this market that captures and leads to the capture of new victims.

Take part to the action online!

Say NO to Dolphins With the Stars byt taking action online!

To take part to this action, it’s simple: share your point of view to La Competencia about this TV show concept, leave them a message on their Facebook page, their Twitter account, or by sending them an email. Or the three of them, even better !

Leave a message on the Facebook and Twitter accounts of La Competencia, or send an email:

All united, we are the only ones who can protect the dolphins: many thanks in advance for your involvement!