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3 11, 2016

Laureine Sautereau: on her short film “The Grind”

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https://vimeo.com/172390983 Laureine Sautereau: on her short film “The Grind” It’s with great honor that I write my first article about my work as a director, a title that is still difficult for me to accept. I’ve always admired the great artists who have helped make me into what I am today, although I am [...]

15 08, 2016

Japan: Compensation for Dolphin Advocate Denied Entry to Aquarium

By | 2016-08-15T04:50:52+02:00 15 August 2016|Categories: Dolphinariums and Captive Dolphins, Dolphins' Massacres, News|0 Comments

Sarah Lucas, the advocate for cetaceans' rights who was refused entry in a Japanese aquarium due to her position against their annual dolphin hunt, will receive compensation from the government. The president of Australia for Dolphins tried two years ago to enter the Taiji Whale Museum, home to several species of cetaceans including bottlenose dolphins and short-finned pilot whales. According to the media, museum [...]

31 07, 2016

Dolphins: Even Smarter Than You Thought

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In the video below, Brian Skerry explains the admirable behaviors and skills that he was able to observe in dolphins. The research of Denise Herzing on the language of dolphins (with the translator she invented herself) provides insight into the unique hunting tactics of certain pods, as well as the extreme ease with which captive dolphins perform [...]

31 07, 2016

Dart Tagging Cetaceans – A Dangerous Practice

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Dart Tagging Cetaceans - A Dangerous Practice The Pacific Whale Watching Association (PWWA), which represents 36 British Colombian and American tour companies, called for a moratorium on the dart tagging of cetaceans. This common practice is often used for the purposes of data collection and scientific research. In the minds of the activists, this rally [...]

7 07, 2016

Video – Kayak Instructor saves a trapped dolphin and becomes an Internet hero

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Video – Kayak Instructor saves a trapped dolphin and becomes an Internet hero A kayak instructor from Namibia did not hesitate to take the beached animal into his arms, transferring it into the surf for a quick release into the Atlantic Ocean. This brief yet extraordinary video did not fail to move its viewers. The dramatic rescue on [...]

17 06, 2016

Dolphins frolicking in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez

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https://youtu.be/nuBkPud3Zlw It was a happy encounter for some divers from the Ketos diving center in Sainte-Maxime...The dolphins, more numerous near the coast, were friendly and did not hesitate to approach the boat. These guys were lucky to cross paths with the dolphins for the second time the season..."It's always so amazing and filled with emotion," [...]

13 06, 2016

Curious Killer Whale Swims Under Paddleboarder

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https://youtu.be/6WAn3vveB44 Luke Reilly was paddling around Kuaotunu, New Zealand when a curious orca whale suddenly spotted him. Awe or fear, how would you have reacted? Luke Reilly began his day with the intention of paddling around the cliffs of Kuaotunu in New Zealand. Armed with his Go-Pro, he was intending to film the contrast of the rugged, rocky [...]