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6 06, 2022

La Dolphin Connection VR software

Since its beginnings, La Dolphin Connection has developed different types of actions (demonstrations, public information campaigns, stands at events…). But it also has in mind to diversify its approaches (competitions, cyberactions, international partnerships, support, etc.). For two years, our association has been working discreetly on a new and totally new project, La Dolphin Connection VR,

15 08, 2016

Japan: Compensation for Dolphin Advocate Denied Entry to Aquarium

Sarah Lucas, the advocate for cetaceans' rights who was refused entry in a Japanese aquarium due to her position against their annual dolphin hunt, will receive compensation from the government. The president of Australia for Dolphins tried two years ago to enter the Taiji Whale Museum, home to several species of cetaceans including bottlenose dolphins and short-finned pilot whales. According to the media, museum