Here is the story of a rescue that is far from common, something that exemplifies perfectly the proper relationship between dolphin and man. During a night scuba trip in Hawaii, this dolphin, tangled hopelessly in a fishing line, swims right up to a group of divers. It was clear that the dolphin needed help.

On Friday, January 18th, these divers headed to Kona, Hawaii for a night dive. Thanks to their lamps, they were able to witness the magic of the manta rays, turning their feeding session into a captivating ballet. This night was already extraordinary and surely full of memories, but it was soon to become one that could never be forgotten. These people were about to become witnesses to an incredible exchange between dolphin and man.

A dolphin receiving help from Keller Laros, a scuba instructor in Hawaii. This animal had a fishing line stuck in it’s left pectoral fin and couldn’t swim without difficulty. © Keller Laros, MantarayshawaiiPossibly attracted to the light, a bottlenose dolphin approached the divers. The intent of the animal was clear: it needed help, fast. The poor creature was caught in a fishing line–hard evidence of the by-products of human involvement. With the line stuck between it’s pectoral fin and it’s snout, swimming was nearly impossibly.

Even though many exchanges between dolphin and man have been reported, this one in particular is especially exciting. In an unmistakable gesture, the dolphin approached the diver, Keller Laros. It positioned itself in a way that allowed him to cut the fishing line, patiently waiting and rolling on it’s back to help. The animal even surfaced briefly for a breath, and then returned to Keller Laros to be freed completely.

This situation just goes to show that dolphins trust us as humans, and we break this inherent bond irreparably when we condemn them to a life of captivity. Dolphinariums are completely unnecessary when there is so much beauty and magic out in the ocean for us to see. Once again, this video bears witness to the intelligence of this marine mammal and it’s ability to interact with humans.

“It was a breathtaking experience.” – Keller Laros