It is not only in Europe where orcas are shamefully exploited. Our partner, the Cierren Mundo Marino collective, is fighting to free captive marine animals. Their petition to free the orca Kshamenk has already exceeded 500,000 signatures. Let’s close MUNDO MARINO!

What the petition asks for :

Urgent measures are requested to save the life of the orca Kshamenk but also of the other captive animals. They are exploited in the territory of the company MUNDO MARINO (Argentina).

The petition launched by the collective asks the authorities to act to close and to convert the park while ensuring the rehabilitation of the orca and other animals held in captivity.

This petition is addressed to Guido Lorenzino (Ombudsman of the province of Buenos Aires) and 20 others.

The heart of the matter :

The collective explains : « Where Mundo Marino sees a company, we see LIVES, DIGNITY and RESPECT. They are sensitive beings. They were free. They do not belong to any aquarium, zoo or circus but to the national state, to all ARGENTINA. Therefore, we are all responsible for their fate.

First of all, Kshamenk has no partner of his own species. Second, he is accompanied by a female bottlenose dolphin named Floppy. MUNDO MARINO, in their sick greed for money, provoke sexual games between Kshamenk and Floppy. They are used to extract Kshamenk’s sperm. They cryo-preserve it in order to sell it to SeaWorld.

From this rape, Kshamenk had 2 children. These are already captives of SeaWorld: Makani, a male orca who was born on February 14, 2013 (by artificial insemination on the female orca Kasatka) and Kamea, who was born on December 6, 2013 (daughter of Takara, artificial insemination).

Such is the careerist, ambitious, and profiteering mentality of Mundo Marino. Far from their “ties to conservation” or their “love for orcas, dolphins, seals and other enslaved animals. They seek only their economic gain. »

Let’s close MUNDO MARINO : it’s our turn to act!

Indeed, The Dolphin Connection fully supports the action of Cierren Mundo Marino and invites you to sign and share their petition without moderation! As for the captive cetaceans in Europe, in France and elsewhere in the world, we still have a lot to do

To give a more precise idea of the problem, here is a video in Spanish and dubbed in English. As you can see, several Argentine personalities have mobilized to support our partner :