Video – Kayak Instructor saves a trapped dolphin and becomes an Internet hero


A kayak instructor from Namibia did not hesitate to take the beached animal into his arms, transferring it into the surf for a quick release into the Atlantic Ocean.

This brief yet extraordinary video did not fail to move its viewers. The dramatic rescue on the morning of June 8th, 2016 near Walvis Bay in Namibia, where the young kayak instructor came nose to nose with the stranded dolphin.

He picked the animal up quickly and delicately to return it to the sea, no doubt saving its short and fragile life in the process. Once out of danger and back in familiar territory, the dolphin regained its energy and its ability to swim side to side.  On Facebook, the kayak instructor explained that he didn’t believe there was much hope when he returned the dolphin to the water. Luckily, the story concluded well.

Internet users were moved by this wildlife hero. The rescuer was thanked by more than 12,000 comments. The video, published by Pelican Point Kayaking, a Kayak school in Namibia close to local animals such as seals and dolphins, has already been viewed over 7.3 million times.